After getting comfortable making the first three figures I wanted to try something a little bigger. I picked the cover from
NBE #11 where King Kong takes on a bunch of Marvel's Heroes. Again I'm using the cover as my starting point and what
ever direction it takes is up in the air. The base had to be low and heavy because King Kong is big with arms reaching
out. I used a wood block screwed to a 5 1/2" X 5 1/2" piece of 1/2 plywood. I used tin foil to get a basic shape of the
dome. Then I went over it with Magic Sculpt because it needs to be strong and heavy. Kong ended up being 17" tall at
his left hand. The Heroes were about 5" high. I used coat hangers for the main frame with smaller wire wrapped around it
to hold the clay. The feet had an 1" of hanger wire going into the block of wood.
I then went over the wire frame with foil and plumber epoxy. I started building the body & arms up with epoxy & foil. I
had to make the Kong in three pieces because I have a small oven to cook him in and I figured it would be easier
working on the hands that way.
The basic shape came pretty quick using Super Sculpy & Sculpy Gray firm. I picked up some really firm Gray that I had
to mix with a lot of Super Sculpy to be able to use it. I didn't start Kong's back till I cooked the front. Again I have a very
small oven.
Building up and adding teeth. I didn't connect Kong to the base yet so I could work on him better.
Some pictures and the one with the News Paper to show his Size.
I finished the base with more Magic Sculpt and added more wires that will be tied and epoxied to the feet. Then I used
Magic sculpt to make the feet so Kong's Body is going to be finished with Magic Sculpt.
I had cracks in the legs from taking Kong Off the base. I just opened the cracks up more and used magic Sculpt to make
a strong seam that will hold the weight of the arms with it's over sized hands. I figured if I'm going to do the Heroes they
should really show. So I made the hands really big. I also made the fingers thin for now and when I start adding the
figures I'll build them up.
The right hand only holds the Bulk. The left has Sore, Charlie America, Ironed Man, Knock Furious, Sunk-Mariner,
Scaredevil, and The Thing.
Sunk-Mariner biting Kong's finger,Sore swinging his hammer were the first Heroes I started on. I had no plan just
winging it.
Close ups of the Bulk
Working on Knock Furious, Ironed Man, and The Thing
Adding Sores Cape and Scaredevil.
More work to the Sore's cape and Scaredevil. The Heroes finished and the arms are connected. I used glue and magic
Sculpt to connected the arms.
Building up the arms and primed.
After priming I noticed the seams showed. I added more Magic Sculpt to clean them up.
Primed and ready to paint.
I enjoyed making it more than painting so I will be repainting this down the road. Thanks for checking it out.