My plan is to start making some of the figures from the Marvel 13 issue comic Not Brand Echh. I'm working on Spidy
Man, Charlie America and Sore at once. Above are some pictures of Spidy Man from the cover of NBE #2. The first
picture are the wire frame and the wire frame covers with plumber epoxy. The last two are the basic shape.
Here is the basic shape for Sore which is from NBE #3. I'm using the cover art as a basic idea and I may change it
a bit. The wire support is just a piece of a wire hanger.
This is the start of Charlie America from the same cover art as Sore NBE #3. Again I used a piece of wire
hanger for the support. I haven't figured out the base for any of these guys yet. It may be one base for all.
I did a little bulking up of Sore and some work on his boots.
Started working on Charlie America's pants. I'm using a lot of different color Sculpy III and Super Sculpy
mixed. I'm still learning so I use what ever I find and I got a bunch of used clay online. I also got a lot of weird
colors when a local art store closed.
Here is Spidy Man & Sore done and ready to paint.
Here is Charlie America with out his Shield attached yet and all three before paint.
Charlie America All painted with his Shield. I'm still learning to paint but for now I'm happy. I'm sure down the
road I'll look at these pictures and shake my head think how could I put these pictures up.
Sore completed and painted.
Spidey Man all painted with a little Aunt May on his chest. I made the hands bigger because thats the
way they look to me on the cover. I still have to make his YoYo.
All three completed and painted. Down the road I'll make some
kind of base for all of them.