I'm making 6 candy canes to use as decorations to be mounted on columns. I needed
make the cheap so I used cardboard and news paper. The candy cane template is about
24" X 40" and the diameter is about 8".
I used hot glue to hold it all together. I used 15 circle for each cane. I cut the circles in half and marked them A &
B. I did this to keep the part A on one size and the part B on the other. I used little triangles to support the halfs till
the glue cooled. This also makes the whole thing stronger. So far the cost is just hot glue & wall paper glue.
I used masking tape between the circles to get a rounder shape from the papier mache . I have one
coat of papier mache on the cane in the picture on the right.
I'm using a 1/4 20 bolt & washers thru the cardboard
as my mount for each candy cane. More to come.
I added the red stripes to the 6 column mount candy canes. On the right is a picture of a hanging canes before
All ten candy canes waiting for pick up. The stripes were all done by eye due
to each cane being a little different. I tried making a template but that didn't
Some of my notes from designing the canes. I do my planning on the train ride to and from work.