This is the base of a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree thats 5' high. The base of the tree is made
from cardboard that was hot glued together. I used masking tape to smooth out the base for a
rounder look.
Here I'm covering the tree with papier mache. I used news paper and wall paper paste as my glue. The paste has
stuff in it to prevent mold which is a good thing. The pictures show the front view on the right and the side view on
the left. The bottom of the tree start out at about 8" and gets reduced to about 6". The plan is to added many
layers of papier mache to get a nice smooth and strong surfaces.
Here are my plans for the tree fro my note book. The first picture shows the leaves which I'm going to add more
to give the tree a full look. In picture two shows the height and the wood used to make the trunk stand. And the
last is how the leaves will be connected to the trunk. I figured have it in two pieces would be easy to deliver.
I used aluminum ground wire from Radio Shack to support the oak tag leave cuts. I also used duct tape to keep
the wire centered in the leaves. I covered the leaves with a coat of papier mache.
I drilled holes in the plywood base on top of the trunk of the tree. I place the end of the wire in the hole with some foam glue and
some staples to hold it till it dried. Once the glue dried I went over the leaves with a coat of papier mache. The last two pictures
are of the coconuts made of news paper shaped like a ball covered with a few coats of papier mache. Then painted with a light
A little paint, some coconuts and the tree is finished.