I wanted to make a Hunter for all the lighted Christmas Deer in my neighorhood. I had a few hours and a
roll of wire. This was a quick project that I wasn't looking to make really good because I wasn't sure how
my next door neighor would take it. He liked it so next year I'll build a better one the may move.  I like my
neighors and wouldn't want to get them mad at me over a decoration.
You really can't make it out to good but it looks better in person. The deer 'sreally use the thick white wire
to give the shape life . My hunter uses thin wire thats not painted. So the lights are the only thing that show
off the shape.
The picture on the left is with  the flash on and the right is with out flash.
The view from the deers side . The  picture on the right is from behind the hunter . Just something to put a
smile on peoples faces.