This is the start of a 5 foot Disco Ball for a Dance. I wanted to build it with the
lowest cost I could. So I used card board to build the frame. I cut out the pieces
and glued them together. I used hot glue, wood glue and foam glue. By putting
two piece together like plywood I made a strong frame.
I also used triangle pieces of cardboard to make the joints stronger. The picture on
the right is one piece of the ball. I could only make the ball 30" inches high
because the doors only open up 31" inches. The second half is a little small
because nobodys going to see the top.
More frame pictures.
I added a skin of 21 sheets of oak tag. Then I cut out 500 pieces of cardboard 4"x
4". I first made a few thousand 3/4 squares but found them to be to small. I think
it is just about 20 square feet. You can see I started adding the cardboard squares.
I painted the ball with white latex house paint. I spray painted an area with
chrome paint.
The ball completed tile and primed. Next I have to spray paint it chrome . Not bad
for a two week after work project that only costs was glues and paint.