This is a throw back to when I was a little kid. I think I got it for Christmas
back in 1969 or 70. Back when toys were toy and you learned from them.
Fire hot = bad burn or if you use a knife to open the box you'll be in so
much pain the you can't play with the toy in the box. Who knew you can get
a worst cut from a butter knife then a steak knife.
Here are two of the six or seven monsters they had sets for. I never seen any
other kits but the ogre which I had. I plan on making them all. The mummy &
ogre are the first two I started. I don't have a lot of pictures so I try and get the
most from the box cover.
I added a skirt to O.G Ogre (left) ,Bobo Bones (center) and Willie Weird Wolf gets a body (right)
Here we have Dr. Shriek holding his head in his hands (left), Hairy Harry (center) gets a body and
a group picture (right).
Starting to rough in some more heads.
Roughed in the arms and getting ready to add detail.
Almost done with these three.
The completed Mummy on the left and the start of the last two monsters. Galaxon in the middle
and Zayre.
Here are the completed Zayre and Hairy Harry.