I wanted to make a bunch of skulls I could use this Halloween. I used a Boris
talking skull I had laying around as a base. I used clay to hide the cut on the top
and I built up the face a little. This was quicker than building the skull completely
of clay. I plan on building up the face any way once there done.
I used a Smooth on product called Rebound 25 to make the mold. I just brushed
on 4 coats and I had a nice mold. The pink mold is strong so I plan on making a
lot of skulls. On the right is my first foam skull.
I made a flap in the back of the mold that opens for easy demolding. I also have a
mother mold that the pink mold fits in.
I use Smooth on's Foam It to make full skulls and half skulls. The half skulls are
used on other props or on walls.
I also used a 2 part resin that I got at Monster Makers a few years ago. I couldn't
believe it still worked.
Here is the back of the resin skull with some really cheap eye movement.
Here is some soft foam that I had from Monster Makers. Also a few years old and
worked great. These skulls  are very light good for crank ghost. I made a lot of
half and quarter skulls to add to props.
Here is a piece of the mother mold with the mold in it. I can't wait to paint these