This is my new puppy Otis. Here is just some wire but after I add a little bone and some skin he should really come to
I gave him a big mouth for a few teeth.  On the right you can see I've added a hinge so the head will move left & right. I
plan on using one servo to drive the next. I was going to make the eyes move but I didn't want to get to crazy on this
Here is half of a hinges I removed from a server rack. I cut in half and drilled a hole in it to mount a treaded rod. I filed
the end of the rod so I could drill holes to connect the cables to operate the neck movement. These are heavy duty so
they should last longer than the prop.
More pictures of the hinge. You can see the tread rod with double nuts to lock them in place. I will also use Loctite to
lock the in place. I like to use junk to build stuff.
I started to add cotton and latex to build out the rib and upper legs. I also added the eyes that are made of glow
in the dark hot glue with red Leds in the center.
Another view of the ribs and on the right you can see the Leds attached to the hot glue eye with hot glue and a
piece of wire.
The eyes look a little better with some skin around them
I still need to work on the feet and legs
The eyes light up nice and I plan on working on lighting up the mouth a little.
I have to paint the face a little and on the right is the hinges that the head swings on. The head is passed the
point of being moved by a servo. It just got to big. More to come.