This is my first pop up so I wanted to have some funny making something a little different. So I plan on making some
type of wolf creature. I'll be using Vile Things pop design. The only thing different is I'll have the arms reaching out
more than reaching up.
I'm using wire to build the body arms & head. I'm going to use latex & cotton to build up the skin. Doesn't look like
much yet but it will get better as I add the skin.
The power behind the pop.
I built up the chest with latex & paper towels (Viva)
The head is on a hinge that will lift the head when the pop up rises.
I started adding some skin of latex & cotton.
I made the shape of the teeth out of cotton. I wet the cotton just a little to hold the shape. Then I painted some
latex on the jaw to glue the teeth in place (picture 1). Once the teeth dry in place I then started to paint latex over
the teeth. The first coat is very thin. Just enough to hold the shape (picture 2). Then I painted two more coats of
latex over the teeth to get a nice strong set of teeth.
Here I added the tongue. I painted a little latex on the back of the mouth and added some cotton balls to get the
right shape of a tongue. Then I painted a lite coat of latex over the cotton. Just enough to hold the shape till it drys.
Once it dried I went over the whole tongue with two more coats of latex. Letting it dry between coats.
First picture before paint. I added brown paint to the latex to start with a brown base color. I then air brush a
coat of brown over most of the body. I then used red for the muscles under the skin with some yellow and
black to make the six pack stand out a little more. I also hit the teeth with a little yellow on the bottoms and a
little red over the yellow to get a cool brown color.
I painted the flat stock that raise the arms black to hide it. I'm using a 9 volt battery to power the eyes for now.
The plan is to power up the eye the cylinder and a speaker system with a sound file all at the same time. And
also some lighting that will light up as it pops. I still have to figure out the air pressure and make a bigger base.
The leds at work