The first thing i do is get a good picture the size I want the sculpt to be. The first tool I use is a mini drill I
think I got from Radio Shack. I have a pin in it to make my outline in the clay. I also use a little roller to
flatten the clay. I have a bigger roller for bigger pieces. Second picture I'm tracing the outline of the skull
Next I cut out the outline.
I start shaping the top of the skull and add some clay above the eye. I also made the outline for the eyes
with my wooden shaper tool.
Now I just clean out the eyes and start shaping the skull.
Working on teeth. Just follow the outline and start shaping them.
Here I'm adding more clay to build up the nose area. The I cleaned out the nose opening.
Adding clay to build up the top of the skull.
Continued adding clay to get the skull shape right.
I got the skull smooth and didn't like the shape so I added more clay and started blending it in.
The first picture shows the skull finished until i looked at the picture I started with. I added more clay to the
top to get it closer to your picture. Its not perfect but I hope it gives you an idea on how I do things. I sure
everybody has there way of doing things. The way that works best for you is your way. Feel free to ask me if
you have questions. Good Luck Frank