I have a problem that I always mixes up to much resin. So I made a little penguin about an 1 1/5'' high.  I made a mold and the
next time I mixed resin I made some penguins. They looked cool and people liked them. So I started making different animals
then Zombie Penguins. Then I really liked painting them so now I have a lot of different creatures.
First they were stand up and some one wanted one for a chain. So I made loops for chains & key chain . The picture on the left
are some of the first animals. The 2nd picture is a devil penguin and the last picture is some cows being painted
Some rabbits , Demons and a bunch of zombie penguins.
I paint a bunch of different creatures at once. I use lids from country time ice tea to hold paint. The lids stack on each other
keeping the paint from drying.
Once I painted the devil horns black it came to life. A bad picture of FrankenPenguin
I gave one of these hearts to my mother because she has heart problems and she wears it every where. I figure I'll r  More to
comeun across some heartless people down the road. Good for a laugh.