I wanted to make some elves for an event at my son's school. I had about a week to build them so I
figured papier mache  would work great. Also keep cost down to just about $20 because I had a bunch
of heads from my Christmas display hanging around. There are two planes with an elf in each. The planes
are  made with a wire frame for the base and a skin maked of papier mache. The elf body is made using
wire and a 1/2" pvc.The head was from a mold I made a few years ago. The hands are pink foam
covered with a hard coating.
I wraped foam around the arms to give them mass.
The plane on the left is 4' 6" long with a wing span of 5'. The plane on the right is 3' with a 3' wing span.
These planes are so lite they are hanging from a light figure in my living room.
I air brushed some lines and some clear coat.
Elf1 & 2
I think here's got a problem.
On the smaller plane I used two points to hang it so I could get a dive efect. On the bigger plane I used
three points to hang the plane so I can make the plane look like it's turning as it's dives. The third point is
in the left wing.
Ready to be picked up.
Both planes installed .
This is a picture of the center piece. The gift box is 5' x 5' x 4'. Made of a wooden frame covered with
cardboard. I had to make it in 2 pieces so it will fit thru the doors. Hanging it was tuff ? But I think it was
worth it. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Holidays