I'm making some new characters for 2009. My first two are the Heatmiser & the
Snowmiser from the Year With Out Santa Claus. The first thing I did was get a poster
program to make large pictures of the characters. The program takes a picture and blows
it up so you can print it out on pieces like a puzzle. The pieces are the size of a normal
sheet of paper. You just trim the pieces and tape them together. Once the puzzler was
together I taped it to a piece of plywood and trace the out line of the character. Then I use
a my jigsaw to cut out the character. Above is the Heatmiser cut out and primed with white
paint to give me a good surface to trace the rest of the details out on then I paint it like a
paint by numbers.
Here is the Snowmiser going thru the same process. I used white house paint to get a
nice weather proof base coat. Adding the face details like the eyes and nose is easy, just
use a razor to cot the eyes out of the print out then lay the print out over the plywood and
trace out the eyes,nose,& mouth. This takes all the stress out of drawing the figure on the
Here are some of the characters I've made so far.
My notes on how to attach the panels to the fence & what it looks like in real life. I painted
the backs for more weather proofing. The poster program was free and I printed every
thing in black & white. I'll post more as I build them.