Here are two Elve ornaments I made for my wife this year. There copys of two
bigger props I made for a display for my son's school this year. I used polymer
clay over a wire frame for these guys
The plane on the left is about 5" long & 4" wide. The plane on the right is only 4"
long & 4" wide.
I copied the bigger prop idea but I changed the faces. The props had a more of a
Casper the friendly ghost face. Here is the link to the props
Elf Props 2007
I used an airbrush to paint the plane red but everything else was painted with a
I added some words to the sides of the planes using a black marker. I named them
Ho Ho 1 & Ho Ho 2.
I gave them two coats of clear coat which made the planes look really cool.
I saw one of Disney's Goofs display a few years ago with an orange propeller and I
reaaly liked it. So I tried it here and I happy with it.
I also added the year to the sides. So now I have another thing to do every year.
Merry Christmas.