Hell Hound Ceiling Dweller
I made  the head first  then I figured what type of body to give it. I think it was more of a dog so I went
with a four leg ceiling crawler.
The eyes were left overs made from hot gun. I used the  wires holding it up to connect it to the body later
This is the finished wire frame of the face. It doesn't look like much yet.
Here is the body already framed and wrapped in cotton with a coat of latex. On the right is the second coat
of latex with some brown paint mixed into it.
Here we are many more coats of latex and we have the body shape coming along. The area below the ribs
connecting to the legs was made using paper towel and latex.  I was going to cover the ribs but at the last
minute I changed my mind.
The paper towel give a nice dead skin
I used latex to connect the skin to the eyeballs. A big mouth waiting for some teeth.
I'm ready to connect the head to the body using the wires sticking out of the back of the head.
Here he is mounted to the ceiling in the attack mode.I added ears and filled the mouth with teeth.
Standing on his head.
I added some gums and a little paint to the mouth. I need to work on the eyes a little more.