My Elves for my Santa's Workshop were falling a part last year so I started to
make new ones for this year. I wanted Elves a little smaller so storage isn't a
problem.  The elf head on the left is going to be a static elf so the mold was two
pieces. The elf on the right is going to be one of my talkers. You can see it's going
to be a two piece face with the mouth cut away once the latex drys.
Here are a few pictures of the static elf's head. I made three heads using the latex
colors I had left over from Halloween. I planned on painting them a flesh color so
the latex color doesn't really matter. These heads are just like balloons.
I also have a pointy nose talking elf that I made a few years ago. I added the
motor to the mouth on the fat faced elf and I cut out the mouth on the pointy
nose one. I plan on having 4 talkers using the sames two heads with a different
look to each one. One may have longer hair or glasses.
I wanted to be able added a little more surport to the heads so I added pieces of
wire to thr inside of the head. I used the clamps to hold the wire in place and latex
with some paper towel  to seal the wire in place. After a few coats of latex the
heads were easy to shape . This worked out really well with the mouths on the
talkers.  You can also see I used pvc and wire as the main.
I really like this face and may use it as a ghost do the road. I may add ears later.
This is one coat of a flesh color paint I air brushed on. Once I added eyes and
some hair it should look more elf like.
This is one of my slow pop up elves. The outside of the box is going to be gift
wrapped with a bow on top. When the elf pops up the bow will be on his head.
Here is my cheap pop up elf from the back. Just a cheap motor low rpm motor.
The head fit in the pvc tee and a close up of the crank and guide rod.
Here is the same set up that I may use with a elf thats sawing some wood. I have
to clean it up a little but it works. I used stuff I had in my junk box to make it.
A close up of the motor connected to the mounting bracket amd the guide that
rides on the round rod.
There will be 4 talking/singing elves and 5 elves that will be doing other things I
hope. On the right is a hand before cotton & latex.
I added some wire frame bodies to the heads. You can see the hands on the left are
just wire and on the right I added some cotton with a first coat of latex.
A close up of the heads that I still have to paint a little.
More to come
I have four elves completed and in the workshop but I still have two more to
make. I also have to do a lot small things like build the work bench and add some
motors with cranks to raise there arms.
The Elve on the left will raise his arms and sing. The tree on the right was the top
piece to the Christmas tree we had for close to 20 years. I couldn't resist using it
as my spinning tree here. I used the same motor as the pop up Elf .
There is a lot of spinning going on here. I have all the stuff hanging from the
ceiling spinning one way and the tree turns the other. I also have two trains. One
on the ledge on the back wall and the other goes around  the floor. There is also
two rocket races that go thru the back wall.
On the left is one of the rocket races. I got these to use in a Halloween display but
I think there better in this display. I have to wire the remotes to a relay to make
them move the way I want. I'll also use rechargeable batterys in the racers.
Here are some pictures thru the side window. Once I build the work bench and
add more elves it will look better.
The little house is part of this cool elve train set I have set up on the floor witch is
at the windows bottom. On the right you can see the ledge with the train that goes
back & forth. The walls are white because I'm planning on air brushing them into  
a workshop scene. It may happen this year? Check out the short videos below.
They maybe short but there both just about 4 meg each. I'm far from done but
I'm happy with it for now. Once I get the other elves done I'll start off with the
We Are Santa's Elves song to get them singing.