I'm making an enclosure for some speakers I had laying around the basement. I
didn't have the speakers with me but I knew the measurements 8"x 5"x 5". So I
made a cardboard box that size to stand in for my speaker. As you can see in the
picture I used wire to make the basic shape.
A side view of how the box fits in the wire frame.
I made a base out of 1/4" plywood to surport the wire frame. I'll be using staples
to hold the frame to the base. There is also a second piece of plywood glued to the
first piece to make a lip for the bottom cover.
Here you can see the lip that will be screwed into to connect the bottom cover. If
you look really close at the picture on the left you can see the staples holding the
wire frame to the base.
I then covered the wire frame with aluminum foil tape that I picked up at my local
hardware store for about 3.99 a roll. I over paid but there aren't many local
hardware stores and the big store aren't as good as they once were. Once I got the
tape over the whole rock I used aluminum foil on the inside of the tape. It stick
together nice and you can shape it the way you want it.
A picture of the inside of the rock and the Foil tape roll. Also the roll of
aluminum foil.
Sorry no pictures of the placement of fiberglass and applying the resin because I
din't want to get my camera covered with resin and once you start that part of the
project you have to work fast. I start out spraying the rock with a spray glue then
I added pieces of fiberglass. Once I had the rock completely covered I mixed up
the resin  and painted it on quick trying to avoid drips and any sharp edges. Once
the first coat hardend I sanded any sharp edges down. Then I applied many more
coats. If I had any areas with holes are shapes I didn't like I build it up with
bondo. The less sanding the better. The pink area were build up with bondo and
then covered with a few coats of resin.
Here is a really good look at the bottom of the rock base . The piece of plywood I
cut out of the center will fit right back as my base were the speaker will mount. I
will be drilling holes in the base for pins that will secure the rock to the ground.
Every thing will then be coated with resin to avoid rot.
I paint resin on the base cutout cover and a side view of the rock.
Here are two pictures of the rock painted with a base coat of Krylon Fusion fo
Plastic Tan paint. I plan on air brushing and dry brushing this thing later. You
can also see the holes drilled into the rock for the sound to get out. If that not
good enough I'll add more later. Also you can see the holes in the base that I 'll
use pins to hold the rock in place. I will also cover the base with dirt to hide it.
A side view of the rock and a close up of the holes.