I wanted to make some enclosers for speakers that I could leave out in the yard year round. I
had some old Radio Shack speakers laying around that should work great. The first thing I did
was measure the speakers which were 8 x 5 x 5.  I didn't have the speakers with me when I
started making the enclosers so I made a box out of cardboard and tape. The picture on the left
is one of the 40 watt Radio Shack Speaker and the right shows the box with a wire frame of the
basic shape of a tree stump.
Next I made a base for the stump using 1/4" scrap plywood.  I also made a second piece of
plywood that was glued on the top of the first piece to make a lip so I could screw a cover over
the hold later. The next few pictures will show this better. Once I got the wood cut I stapled the
wire frame to the wood base.
In the picture on the left you can see how I stapled the wire frame onto the wood base. On the
right you can see the lip created so the piece of plywood that was cut out from thr hole can be
used as a cover later
Next I used Aluminum foil tape to cover the wire frame. I then used regular aluminum foil on the
inside. I just pressed oieces of foil onto the exposed sticky side of the tape. The nice thing about
using aluminum tape is it will hold a shape.
A picture of the inside of the stump.
Sorry I didn't take pictures because once you start working with this stuff everything starts
setting up fast. The first thing I did was spray the outside of the stump with a glue to hold the
fiberglass in place. Once I had the hold stump covered I mixed up the resin and applied a coat. It
drys in about an hour.
I added a few coats over the hold thing. If you look close at the wood base you will see its
covered also. This will seal the wood and help secure the wire frame ot the base. Once I get some
resin over the inside I'll be able to stand on this stump.
I painted resin over the bottom of the base to seal it. I hot glued pieces of twine on the stump to
add some detail. Once I finished with the glue I started to paint coats of resin over the stump to
make the twine look like tree bark.
You can see it now but once I add some color to this it will look like a tree stump. Notice how thw
stump isn't really round. I think it will look better with a weird shape.
After many coats of resin this stump is ready for a base coat of paint.
I used brown Krylon Fusion for Plastic spray paint. This is a base coat that will get air brushed a
little then a little dry brush. I have three small holes that I drilled into the base to use to secure
the stump to the ground.  I also used resin to coat the inside of the holes to avoid rot. The flat
part of the base will also be covered with dirt.
More pictures of the base coat. I'm also going to cover the top with a lighter color and add some
rings to the top of the stump.