I need to make a Yellow Sub Marine in 4 days for a play for the school. Its about 4 feet high and 6 Feet
long.  To keep cost down I used cardboard for the base and papier mache for the skin. As you can see in
the pictures above I cut a piece of card board in the out line of the sub. I cut another just like it and glued
them together with white glue. Once they dried I made the ribs. Starting from the center working towards
the end. The ribs are about 8 " apart and they get smaller as I work towards the ends.
I used hot glue to keep the ribs in place. I would have used a foam glue to glue everything together but
cost and I think its a one shot prop. So I ended up using hot glue on everything. I used masking tape to
gige me a smooth support between rib. Again because this is a one shot thing for a few hours I used a
lot of tape. If this was something they would reuse I would have used less tape and more papier mache.
So the glue in the mache would really bond to the card board.
You can see how I used a lot of tape. And on the right how I would use papier mache as supports. I
did both ways to give you an idea of what I was talking about.
I use wall paper glue because its cheap, ready to use and it has stuff in it for mold & bugs.
Here we are at one coat of papier mache and its not drying to good. I had to bring it into my boiler
room in the basement. ( Drying was only a problem because this had to be made in 4 days) The next
day I added another coat of papier mache and back to the boiler room.
I painted over the whole thing with white wall paint mixed with some joint compound.(just a little).
It drys fast and smooths some of the papier edges out. Next I made the top out of foam with a coat
of white paint glue to a piece of card board with hot glue.
This is what it looked like when they picked it up. I did get to finish it but they were happy and
thats all that counts. I didn't paint the windows and the propeller is still in the house.
In the end they were happy with it and plan on reusing it.