Here is another way to make bats with foam and wire. The first thing I did was cut a piece of scrap foam to the
size I wanted 5" long ,2"wide & 2" deep.( use any size you want) I then used a file to give it a rough shape of a
bats body.I didn`t sand it because who wants a pretty bat.Later on I`ll cover the foam with latex anyway. On the
right you can see I added two pieces of wire 36" long. Once I cut the wire I took one piece at a time and pushed
them thru the body close to each other but thru different holes. Now I balanced the wire equally so both wings
would look about the same size. Then I carefully twisted the wire around each other as in the picture above.
I put some hot glue around the areas were the wire came thru the foam. Don`t let the glue get to hot it will melt
the foam. On the right you see two bat bodys I`m going to use paper towel on one and cheese cloth on the other
as wing skin.
As you can see in the above two pictures I added two pieces of wire to each bat.One on each wing about 4"
away from the body.This wire will surport the skin (towel/cheese cloth) and give the bat some cool bone look
wings. The size of this wire doesn`t matter  just balance it on both wings.If both wings are the same size it will
look cool.
Above you can see some cotton balls that were unwrap into lengths of cotton about 4-5 inchs long. Next I
wrapped the cotton length around the wing wires.I wrap them tight and if I want the bones bigger I`ll wrap
another layer of coton on it. You can lightly wet the end of the cotton so it holds the shape you want.
The wings are wrapped and ready for latex.
Just two pieces of wire bent to your liking and applied to give this cutie so ears.
On the left is my latex applying tools,latex and brown dye. The tools are a brush to apply the latex by brushing it
on.A razor tool to clean dry latex from brush and a cup of water that keeps the latex on the brush from drying
when its not being used.On the right i`m applying latex with the brush just like applying paint. Make sure the
brush has latex on it. If it dosen`t the cotton will just stick to the brush.( after you do it for a bit you will see
what I`m talking about.Its not hard)I start by adding latex to the area were the wing connects to the body then
work the latex towarded the wing tip.
On the left I`m working on appling alatex to the wing bone.I`m sorry but the four pictures between the picture on
the left and the picture on the right didn`t come out What I did was continue appling latex to the wing bone.Then
I stop to let the bones dry.
Once it dried I added some latex to the top of one wing.Before it dried I placed a piece oh paper towel over the
wing bone. I did the same to the other wing then let both dry.Once they dried I brushed  a coat of latex over both
bones and towel.
Above on the right is the wing with a fresh coat of latex on it.On the right is a dry coat of latex.Later I`ll caot the
tips of the wings that are still white.
Above is the other Bat I`m making at the same time only I1m using cheese cloth for the skin.I got this idea from
Ironman.It looks cool already.I think a little brown paint air brushed on would look cool. Now you can see how
I just put a piece of cloth over the wet latex on the wing bones.Now I`ll let it dry andI can trim the cloth to shape
the wing better once it`s dry. On the other wings I just place a piece of paper towel over the wing bones the
same way. Let it dry then I trimed it later.
One more picture of the ragged cloth.On the right is a latex covered cheese cloth wing.looks good and worn.
wings above look pretty beat up and the two wings below are paper towel wing that look good but are smoother
then the cheese cloth wings. Both work well and should hold up good.