I making three ceil critters that hang from the ceiling looking down at you like its
feeding time and your the main course. They don`t look like much now but by the
end of this week they should have some skin and teeth.
This is a front and side view of the first critter. I think they will have some nice
glowing red eyes.
Heres the second critter. They can also be used on the ground. the legs and head
This is three critter. They are  a little under two feet long.  Image a dark porch
with 10 of these guy on the ceiling and all there eye light up at once.
I may throw some skin on these creatures down the road. But for now they are
I like the way the eyes glow when there powered up.
Heres some pictures of the second creature. The eye were quick to make and
didn`t cost much. Some hot glue , a few leds & a resistor. The hot glue stick were
glow in the dark.
This is the last creature. I ran out of space in my camera so this was the only
picture of this guy.