I wanted to make a lite weight ceiling crawler to hang on my porch ceiling . The
body is made of 16 gauge wire that will be cover with cotton and latex.
I plan on adding a nice long tail that will hang down. Also the rib will be covered
so only a few will show.
I completely covered the rib cage and legs with cotton. I build up the ends of some
of the leg bones to make up the leg joints.
Here we see the cottons been covered with brown colored latex. I plan on hanging
it just like this with the head looking down.
Some more hanging from the ceiling shots.
The face isn`t scary yet but I plan on making it mean & hungry.
I gave him some eyes and a few teeth.
The eyes are made of hot glue using a plaster mold . Then I added a red led in
each eye.
Heres what the eyes look like in the dark.