This is creature is going to be something like a face hugger from aliens with some
teeth. But the teeth are going to be a little different. Away the pictures above show
the bottom (left) and the top (right) view.
This creature is about 30" long and  it's body is 12"wide. I may make the legs a
little longer. More to come.
I made the legs longer and started to wrap cotton around the wire to make the
base for the bone body.  On the left is what it looks like with one coat of latex with
no color added.
I also added some bugged out eye like a crab. Its hard to see now but the mouth
has big teeth at the points,
He is a top view of the eyes & mouth. Once I added some color to the latex this
creature starts to look better.
I added some brown paint with the latex and the creature is looking a little more
I moved the eyes so there looking a way from the see. I think it looks better. I also
added more skin in the mouth. I may put some more teeth on the inner mouth
Here is a side view of the jaws. Once I add a little black paint to add shadows
around the bone in the jaw I think it will come to life. I also added some more
bulk to the front legs. I will build up all the other legs down the road.
A close up of the mouth. I may also add more flaps in the inner mouth. The teeth
will have a yellowish brown look later.
I will also be paint the eyes so they stand out more. More to come.