This Spider has very long creepy legs that bend and a small body.  It also has two
glow in the dark eyes that have two brite red LEDs in them.
Its hanging out drying from a few coats of Krylon's UV-Resistant Clear Acrylic
The spider was made with latex mixed with black acrylic paint. The green stripes
were pax paint that I  air brushed on. Then after it dried I appled a few coat of the
Krylon  UV-Resistant Spray Paint.
Here is a look at some of my blow mold Skeletons that are in the yard in the
weather. If you look close at the heads you can see the latex is all dried up and the
little black dots are not from the paint job. The latex looks like it has mold on it
but it is like burns. They look better now ! I just what to post some pictures of
latex when it gets beat up by the sun.