This is Damien my new project. Above is a drawing I did on the train. (I wonder why nobody sits next to
me on the subway) On the left is wire frame. The idea for this guy came from Vampire Damien. I still
haven`t plan on the wing movement but I`m sure something will come up.
Here the frame is being wrapped with cotton. The wood frame will be painted flat black and will not be
seen in the end product.
The body is covered in brown colored latex. I brush on the latex to cover the cotton. The more coats of
latex the smoother the skin gets.
This is were I`m at now with most of the body build up. I have to add claws and some big wings that
move so this project is far from being done. He`ll also get some nice and bright red led eyes.Right now
he`s 32" high and 23" wide.
I added the bone frame for his wings but I`m not   
sure how I`ll add a covering to them yet.
Heres two pictures of the side and back view.I found some cool hinges in the trash that work well for this
project.The picture on the right shows them. I`m going to use a crank to pull a cable that well open the wings
and I have a piece of a elastic tie down that pulls the wings close.This is the red strap by the hinge.
The picture on the left is the wings open and the right is the wings closed. It doesn`t look to hot now but I bet it
will look cool when its flapping open and close slow like I`m watching my dinner down there.
Another side view you can see the elastic strap better. On the right I`m starting to install some skin. Yep thats
paper towel.
I wire to hold the wings open as I worked on them. I also used a fan to help dry the latex
The picture on the left is wings closed and the right is wings open. I don`t want them closing to much. I post
more as I do it.
Here a back view of the wings openned and closed. The crank works ok but I haven`t let it run for a few hours
Heres the finished front view with the wings openned and closed.You can`t see the face because he sits up on a
building  looking down for lunch.
A face shot from the floor. The eyes are red leds mounted in a set of hot glue (glow in the dark) eyes. The teeth
are also painted with glow in the dark paint.There two short videos of the wings openning and closing below.
Video 1 is a back view of the wings openning & closing. Its about 1.2 kb.
Video 2 is a front view of the wings openning & closing. Its about 1.4 kb.