I guess you kinder know whats going to happen to this poor Skeleton.  Last year I
pick up 5 of the Rotisserie motors pictured above. I got them for $ 5.95 each from
MPJA Online they were part number 8894 MD. The skeleton cost between $8-20
and the rod I used was the rod to a set of mini blinds. I`ve been saving these things
for so long I`m glad I finally figured out what to do with one.
The motor can be used with 2 D batterys but I`m going to add a 3v dc
transformer. I hate changing batterys and I like to turn everything off with a few
switches. Theres also a switch located on the motor which I left in the circuit.
I used a knife to carve the mini blind rod so it fit snub in the square on the motor.
You can see this on the left. I also cut off the knob that holds the head in place on
the skeletons neck. I saved the knob for reconnection later.
The next thing I did was locate the spot that I could line the center of the square
on the motor were the rod will belined up to the hole in the neck. This was no big
deal I just eyeballed it. Once I located that spot I cut out a piece of the skeletons
back with a sharp knife. I used the motor to size up the hole. I then dry fit the rod
into the motor and with the rod in the motor I worked it into the skeletons back
so the rod exited the skeletons neck. I`m doing it this way because I want to glue
the rod into the motor before I put it in place. The skeleton in plastic so it is easy
to work with. Next I glued the rod into the motor. I have a 100 watt glue gun and
the rod started to bend. I held it in place till it cooled so its ok. but if you try this
use a lower watt glue gun or use the high watt glue gun as soon as it gets hot.
On the left is a picture of the bottom of the motor with the cover removed. I
openned it so I could watch and see the glue flow. I didn`t want to glue any
moving parts of the motor. You could use a piece of thread rod but I`m putting
this guy up high and I don`t want to kill anybody with falling skeleton parts.
Before I mount the motor and attach rod to the skeleton I want to connect wires
for a 3v transformer. I Solder two wires to the center of the termials pictured on
the left. I never solder too the spring because it never holds for long. Once I
finished the soldering I used hot glue to glue down the wire so it will not pull off
the solder connection. You can see this on the right.
I then mounted the motor into the skeleton using hot glue to hold it in. The fit was
nice so it when together easy.
Next I`m going to add some eyes with brite red leds in them because that would
really show off the head spinning at night. Theres a page on led eye on my project
page. I cut the eye out and added the eyes.
I then fished the wires that power the eye thru a hole on the bottom of the head. I
will be using a 9v battery for the eyes because its easy & quick. Once I fished the
wires thru I sealed the hole with hot glue. The last thing I want is the head filling
with rain water and adding a load to the motor.
I used hot glue to hold the eyes in place. He`s starting to look like an alien. I`ll fix
that later.
Now I`m going to glue that knob into the hole in the bottom of the skull. I added
glue before I place the knob in.
Next I added more hot glue on the outside edge .
I cut the rod to size by placing the skull on it and leaving just a little space so it
could turn freely. Once I got the rod to size I filled the inside of the knob from the
skeletons neck with not glue . Then I place the skull upside down and put the rod
that was sticking out of the neck into the knob filled of hot glue. I held it in place
till it dryed. Once it dried it was nice and strong. Then movement part is done now
I`ll make him pretty.
I started to build up his face and gave him some hair. On the right is a picture of
the wire tie that holds the battery in place. I screwed it in place with two small
This guys going to be out side in the rain so I used a soda bottle to cover the
motor. The bottle is keep in place with hot glue. Again if you try this use a lower
wattage glue gun. My 100 watt gun melted the bottle a little. It worked out better
than I thought it would.
Its about 5 meg so you might want
to download it.
I gave him some skin and a little bit more of a neck. I plan on sitting him on my
second floor porch looking down on the grave yard. I think he looks more zombie
than pirate. Check out the video below.