Some more elve heads for this year. I`m covering these elves with latex and paper
towel. It takes me about an hour to build the wire frame. Adding the skin take less
time but is spread out over time due to drying time for the latex. The first coat of
latex takes the most time to dry. After that the drying time is quick
Some heads I didn`t finish from last year.I`m going to fill the heads with foam to
make them stronger for any falls or snowballs.
Getting some skin.This is the first coat of latex. They don`t look like much yet but
once I give them some paint and hair I`ll have a whole house of elves.I plan on
covering the whole head with latex then filling the heads with foam
More first coat pictures.I`m doing parts of the heads because I find it easyier to
get more round faces with fewer wire lines. Also I`m using less wire and putting
the towel/latex  skin on looser to avoid wire lines.
I went nuts with wire on this guy.