The boys hanging out in the
basement.Enjoying the heat.
The lead elf Bubby (named after my Uncle).
He is from last year
Just hanging around.This guy miss this
year.I`ll finish him for next year.
Some spare parts hanging in the boiler
room. I made elf feet for an army.Next
years projects.
A better picture of next years elf Front and back. I have to smooth out the face more
.Once he gets hair he`ll look more like an elf. On the back view you can still see the print
on the news paper.I will paint the inside black.You can also still see so wire.
Another head in the works.
This is the frame for my Frankie. This is the samething I did to make the non moving Elf
bodys.I made a really cool head. Its pack away with the halloween stuff.
Christmas 2002