This is my singing Elf #2 you can see he has no leg.I hind him behind gift boxes.His shirt
is just some cloth I had hanging around.I air brushed it red. I was running out of time so
I used a stapler.It worked nobody seen the back but me.
This is singing Elf #1 same stuff as #2. Because these guys did something (sing) I didn`t
think they needed the whole body.I had a train going around making noise  and smoke.
another elf was hammering  Gift boxes all over and hanging wooden planes. So nobody
really noticed. .
This is going to be my waving elf. Another next year thing. I ran this for a few hours. If
it works half as good as the hammering elf I`ll build it better. The gear motor is 12vdc 6
rpms cost $12.
Christmas 2002