After watching AvP movie I whated to make one of these. I made a wire frame  
that doesn`t look to great yet. But I think it will come out okay.
The tail is longer and the body is a little bigger than the face huggers in the movie.
I has to be at least 4 feet long.
Once I added the skin and the shell like back bone its starting to look good. I have
to smooth out the finger type legs better and add some meat to the flaps at the
Heres a picture of it hanging to dry. I still didn`t finish the tail and the front needs
a few more coats of latex.
I started building up the under belly with latex & cotton. Both pictures above
show the latex is still wet. I build up some muscle above the tail. I also used cotton
to make the laters of skin for the huggers lips.
Heres the front view on the left & the latex starting to dry on the right. I think
once I paint this side the details will look a little better.
This is what the start of the under side of the tail looks like before I detail it with
the shell like or lobster like detail  the top has. The first thing I do is get a surface I
can build on set up. Then I add any detailing using cotton & latex to build the
muscle or bone. I use Viva paper towel & latex to added skin. Viva towels make
the best skin so far.
I finished detailing the face hugger and now its ready for painting. I went for a
smooth tip to the tail. I also added some muscles to the underside.
In the picture on the left you can see two eyelets on the huggers back. The first
eyelet has a wire holding the hugger up. The second eyelet which is 4 inch above
my hand will be attached to a low rpm crank to make the hugger move up and
down. I`m looking for an in flight attack look. If it works I`ll post video. The
picture on the right is the way it will look in the attack (landing) mode. I guess it
will start with the huggers tail raised so you don`t see the under belly. Then it will
low the tail in a attack (landing) mode.
Here is the under belly of the beast. I added some muscles to give it some mass.
Now I just have to figure out how to paint it.