I have a gate that open and close on my fence so I made a skull lock. I`m going to used some plastic
chain to wrap around the gate.  I shaped some clay into a skull made a key hole for the nose
openning.Then I poured plaster over the clay skull ,let it dry removed clay. Then I got a bag of hot glue
sticks and used my glue gun to fill the mold. Ran cold water over it to cool it. I took it out of the mold
before it got to hard.I made 3 skulls before the nose key slot broke. I plan on gluing the slot back.The
mold should be damp to keep the hot glue from sticking to the mold.I plan on painting them better
when I repaint my fence this year.
Fence Pad Locks
Lights For My Fence Column
Here are the lights I made to go on top of my fence columns.I used low voltage yard light that were on
sale at Home Depot last summer. I used 4 of the whisle skulls cut up and glued to the base. I also used
one of the whisle skulls to make a mold of a skull. I used hot glue in the mold to make skulls. I filled
the mold halve way to make just tops of skulls. Held the mold at an angle to get sides of skulls.Each
light took about 30-40 skulls to make.Hot glue is cheap so it was just time consuming. After making
the skulls I started from the bottom up laying out skulls. After I glue them all down I ran glue over
the areas were the light top still showed.
Heres some more pictures of the lights. I used the lights last year with just the 4 skulls on the bottom
and they looked cool. I think they would also look good on the ground as walk way lights. Like skull
mushroom lights. After I painted them they  looked like I paid for them. I`m still going to try painting
them different, maybe make the skulls off white and the background blood red.