The skull pictured above is a goats skull I got from Danielle ( D-MON13). Its has
some really cool zig zag cracks you can see in the two center pictures. The skull is
7" long & 4 1/2" wide. I plan on making it 16" long & 7 1/2" wide.
I plan on hanging this on a wall but its big enought to use as a head for a prop.
Above are some pictures of the wire frame.
Here the frame has been covered with a latex & paper towel skin. I wanted to keep
the basic broken skull look. I`m think about installing some red leds to give the
skull a red glow.
I built up the forehead area and the lower horns with cotton. Then covered with a
few coats of latex. You can also see the teeth which are made of cotton also.
Heres is the bottom of the skull and a close up of the teeth.I plan on making a few
more of these with different features. Can never have to many weird skulls.