Heres Looking At You
         I`m Stuck
This is my first shot at some eye movement using a servo. The eyes are made of hot glue
because there easy to make. I added one piece of wire as the pivot point & another for
the linkage to connect the eye together for movement. The linkage will also connect to
the servo. If you look really close at the picture on the right you will see I used the rivet
part of a pop rivet to hold the eyes in place and it also lets the eyes move back and forth
The eyes move pretty smooth so far. I may use a little hot glue to hold them in place. I`m
using a 1/2 pvc coupling as my base of the skull. I drilled holes in the coupling to connect
my wire to it. I`ll make the body for this head with a 1/2" piece of pvc as the
Just a side view of the skull frame. Next I`ll install a servo for the eyes and one for the
mouth. On the right is a picture of my neck up/down -left/right movement. I just have to
get two bigger servos to operate it. The plan is to mount the head on it and use it to move
the head from side to side and up and down. One servo will operate the side movement
and the other will operate the up and down movement.
This is my first try at attemping to add some life to my props. I`m going to make two
zombies that are crawling there way out of the ground but get stuck. So there will be
some humor in this prop. I`m making them life size forms that are in the ground below
there waist. They will have moving heads,eyes, mouths and maybe tongues.
Above is a copy of a cool neck I saw at monstermakers. Its made of some cheap stuff.
The heart of it is a universal socket I pick up for 5 dollars at Harbor I also
used 8 eyelets that are mounted on the round pieces of plexi glass. These eyelets hold the
springs in place.
The neck joint is then connected to a piece of pvc. The tubing that goes thru the plexi
glass is a nylon sleeve that has the pushrod that moves the neck. These are RC car &
Plane parts that work great. On the right is the servo rack mounted under the nect joint.
Two of the servos on this rack operate the forward/backward & up/down movement of
the head. I use the RC transmitter to test the movements. I got the transmitter and 3
trucks for 5 dollars at a yard sale. Then I found a truck in the trash.
Hers the heart of my zombie. I used two pieces of L stock to make a rack to hold my
servos. I used electrical hangers to hold the rack to the pvc pipe. I also used hot glue to
hold the nylon sleeves in place so the push rod moves freely in the sheeve.
Heres my killer power supply I pulled from an old sun computer. One side is 12 volts
and the other is 5 volts .Some times it pays to keep stuff. Check out the video below.
beware the sound is BAD and its just under 5 meg.
I added brite red leds to the eye by drilling a hole in each eye and I used wire ties to
hold them on to the piece of wire I`m using as my eye linkage. I wasn`t sure if I wanted
red so I can change it later. I also added the cable that will be driving both eyes. The
white tube in the picture on the left is the housing that the cable rides in.
In the above picture you can see I just used some bend wire as my linkage to the
cable. In the picture on the right the leds are working and you get a better look at the
drive cable.
Above you can see the pieces of the rivit on the top & bottom of the eye.
The servo on the left is the one driving the eye. The other two are for the neck. And
the last picture is showing how I ran the Tubing that houses the cable. The eye need a
little adjusting but they work good. I didn`t have any problem with the neck
movement after I added the other wires and cables so it works for now. Theres 7
short videos of the eyes if anybody want to check them out.
I hooked the lower jaw up to a servo that I mounted on a different rack. I also painted
the eye so the red leds would look better as the eyes turned.
In the picture on the left you can see the lower jaw now stays open due to the push
rod I added. On the right you can see I attached the push rod to the lower jaw. I like
to make no frills projects and this is pretty no frills.
Heres the second servo rack for this zombie. I plan on adding more movement to this
guy down the line so I`ll add more servos as I need them. The servo on the right is
driving the lower jaw.
I painted the out side of the eye white to make the eye movement stand out more.
Theres some video below that show it off a little better.
The video are only a few seconds long and show the no frills mouth & eye
I added so skin to the chest & head. The chest will be covered so I just wanted a frame to
hide the motors & to fill out the jacket or shirt it wears. I still have to work on the head.
I think I may build out the area behind the jaw a little.
I left access to the servos in case they need changing or adjusting. I had to change the
servo for the up/down movement to a stronger servo. The others work pretty good so
far. Theres some more video below.
I Built up the nose a little and added some teeth. I have to added more hair and
some paint to the face.
A better look at my hair. I plan on adding more but its a slow process. On the
right you can see I started to add arms. I may just use a low rpm motor and a
crank to move them.
A better look at my arm joints. Not to fancy but they do work well. More to come.