Halloween 05
These two pirates only have eyes that light up. the one on the right has a read
mean face but the wind got the better of his hair.
The pirate on the left has led eyes that glow and on the right is the captain. Both
talk and sing.
I added this guy this year. I made him during the week of rain we had. theres a
crank to make him swing his knife and a flicking candle at the tip on the mast.
Theres also a rat with led eyes up on top .
On the left is my talking parot and a talking mate. On the right is a new pirate
called Dizzy. His head spins around.
on the left you can see one of the canons firing. The led eyes didn't show up in
these pictures. They look read cool.
Some night shots of the new pirates
Here is a two pictures of the same pirate. One with the flash on & one with it off.
If you look at the lower right hand side of both pictures you can see the UV led
that makes his face glow in the picture on the right.I did this on a lot of my props.
My pirates of the heights sign & the canon again
A picture from the street. The tree blocks a lot but I like it so I work around it
I tie the flag so it can flap around and make a lot of noise. I also put a 40 watt
spot light on it. It ready gets people to look up.
I'm going to start calling these girls my in-laws ( mother & sister). I'll make a sign
next year. There is a piece of plex-glass to keep people from touching and to
protect form eggs.It kills pictures as you can see.
The short witch stirs the pot and chants. The tall witch just chants. Theres alot
more going on with the creature in the cage and the owl in the tree. The creature
talks and kicks his legs. The owl hoots and his beak open & closes.The bats in the
back have fading led eyes. I had rats but they never made it out.
Every body love the caged creature. On the right is my pot holder. I have to make
him move for next year. I did put any dirt on the floor to hide the bases because I
ran out of time .
The week before Halloween I started a new display that was going to be a band
that played & sung. But I ran out of time. This guy was going to operate using a
crank to go up and down as he played. Thats me on the left playing with the music.
The head on the left is one of my first talking props. He was going to sing and the
guys on the right were the band. One played the ribs anf the other hit the bones. I
was going to use cranks for them. Next year.
I was trying till the end to get them to work but I finally said enough.
I just face them toward the front of the porch.
A better look at some of the band.
The bone & two zombies that were going to be in the band. They end up in the
grave yard. I used them as static props. Next year I`ll program them.
My fence raps around my front yard and every body thinks its real. Theres a gate
that swings open that I keep locked with a simple latch. You can also so see my
new gate post lights on the post.
I used one of my older pumpkins and some hand I had laying around. I just
realize I never power up the eyes. And the skeleton on the right is an old prop
made from a cheap skull and a rib cage I made. Like the B2H tombstone. lol
Here is a night shot of the grave yard
My brothers Slim hanging out in the house.
Two old props a hollow pumpkin made of latex on a wire frame & my blood
fountain tomestone.
A close up of the pumpkin & my tree face. I used cheap spot lights on these two
and they really look great. Learning new things every year.
A skull I didn't finish paint but put it
out anyway. I have a ton of other thing
that I'll post as I get the pictures.