This is my House for Halloween 2006. I used the second floor porch for Pirates,
the first floor porch is for my two witches and the front yard is my Grave yard.
This year I added a few zombies to the grave yard and some new lighting for the
pirates to give them a reflexing water look. It work really nice at night with the
foggers blowing fog out of the canons.
Three of the pirates sang  Yo Ho ,A Pirates Life for Me & Shiver My Timbers  
with two parots that minic the pirates singing. The two canons each had a fog
machine connected to it with it's own timer. I also a had a pirate hanging of the
front of the boat swinging a knife. Another pirates head was spining and I even
had one pirate looking from side to side.  All of the pirates had leds in there eyes.
I forgot the fishing pirate with his catch of the day. On the right is the spinning
head pirate And the head above the fishing guy is a skull that move from side to
side watching. If you look at the fishing pirate you will notice he's sitting on the
plank witch has a bite out of it from a shark.
The pirate hanging on the left has a crank on his right hand which has the knife.
This work really well the whole month. On the right is my talking caged creature
that  hangs out with the witches.He Talks and moves the cages back and forth. He
also has leds in his eyes.
Here are the ladies of the lower porch in thier last Halloween. There getting a
major make over for next year. They both chanted the Macbeth chant. One did
one part and the other did the second part. The witch on the left also stir her pot
and the witch on the right is holding up some small heads. Both of these hot babes
had UV Leds aim at there faces. The stiring witch had them in her hand so the
stiring motion made her face come to life.
Here are my two zombies breaking out of the ground. They have five or six servo
in each to add movement to the head, neck and mouth. I was going to program
them to work as a team doing  a brains routine but I ran out of time. So I used
two different RC Controllers with some of the servo hooked up together. So I get
two servo moving with one switch. I had the most fun working these guys most of
the night.  Kids would walk up to get candy and I would start moving the zombies
and some would freak out and others would try to touch them. As they got closer
I would make them move towards them. This was the best thing of the night.
My two stars of the night. thier eye also move back and forth. I air brushed the
base and the servo mounts black so you couldn't see them. Next year I'll add some
sound to each zombie and some rats with servo also.
Me and my Nephews John & Sal working the controlls. I'm the big one with the
dopey look on his face. Here are my two controllers.
Here are some of my many creatures hanging out. I had a bunch of bats hanging
from one string that went the distance of the front porch and I would pull it down
a little making all the bats move up & down. I also had different size spiders
hanging the same way and they would move up and down the same way. Easy
effect that looks cool when the spiders/bats are hung at diffent heights. The last
picture is my tree head that looks cool every year.
This guy would move his head from side to side. But his motor die just before
Halloween. Still the eyes and the spot light made him look cool.
Some stones and one of my fence post lights.
My cross thats been fixed 4 or 5 times and my Rip fountain which keeps going &
going. I forgot to add red food coloring but it sounded great. I got carried away
playing with the radio controller zombies so this is all the picture I have. If more
surface I'll post them.