Heres my Pumpkin Patch on my China Closet. I wanted to make a little sign that said THE
PATCH and have one pumpkin with a leave patch over an eye.Maybe next year. Theres 6
fading led eye rats hiding in the leaves.
This guy was located over my TV and faced my couch so I guess he really was my
watcher. I put  fake flame skulls on each side to really add to the red led eyes. This
looked really cool at night.
Above are some of my hanging things that I place every where I could.
Some more hanging stuff. The frog skeleton thing was hung so it looked like it was
ready to leap.
This was one last quickie for the witch display.My bone table using bones as legs
and a piece of tree as the top. The top is 2" blue foam .
This is one of my hanging bats that didn`t make it into the witch display. The eyes
are leds that fade but weren`t used here.
I made about 40 skulls and 35 tombstones for the kids to paint and take home.I
didn`t go nuts just shaped some clay and made a latex mold of it. Then a bag of
plaster and water.I think it went over better than pumpkin painting.
I added one more pirate siting on the plank.This was mounted to the second floor
porch fence so you won`t see the plywood that supporting the plank. Notice the
red cap between the pirates legs thats a uv led mini spot that hits his face. The
pirate is just a cheap blow mold that I add a little cotton and latex too. It looked
good from the ground. As soon as I get some pictures I post them.