I don`t wear mask much because I wear glasses and for some reason they never fit
right over my glasses. So I wanted to make something I could make fast, spend
very little money and actually wear. I`m not cheap but I find making something
cheap inspires more. The hat I had laying around from a class I took a few years
ago. Above is the wire frame that will be completely covered with latex. I planned
on a movible jaw but I had about a week and other projects going on. (I work
better when I`m in a rush)
Heres a picture with some skin on. The eyes are made of glow in the dark hot glue
with brite red leds in them. The eyes are mounted on a piece of screen I hot glued
in place and used latex to secure. The hair is hot glued into the inside rim of the
hat. The wire frame is also secured into the rim of the hat. I installed everything so
it wouldn`t bother me. Which it didn`t. I ran the wire for the eyes in the eyes down
under the hair,
I was going to add hair all the way around the hair but I ran out of time.
The hands were made of paper towels & latex. I wraped strips of paper towels
around my hands using latex to glue the end together. The latex never came in
connact with my hands. I made sure to make the forearms wide enough to pull my
hands out. After a few coats of latex the basic hands were done. I then used cotton
to added the details to the joints and finger nails. These could be a cool set of    
frankenstein hands.
Here is my really cheap rib cage. The idea was to wear a shirt over this and show
some ribs and also I wanted some critters hanging out between the ribs. But I ran
out of time with that too. To make it all I did was use white chalk to  draw my rib
cage out on the black shirt. Next I painted over the chalk with latex. Then I put
strips of cotton over the latex. Once I was happy with the shape I apply latex to
the cotton. I added more coats of latex untill I was happy with the look.
I air brushed the whole face inside and out with brown paint. The teeth are colored
with red, yellow & some white. Later I cover the eyes & teeth with glow in the dark
Heres the finished mask. Nobody in my house thinks this is scary they laugh. I
think its time for me to leave. I have to get some picture of me wearing it. More to