This is a basic how 2 on making creatures with latex. I use a wire frame because I
like to make weird things. But you can use latex over a foam base or try it on a
cheap blow mold skull to make prop heads that are more then a simple skull.
I have try all the different latex suppliers out there an  Monstermakers (thick
latex) & Cementex (mold latex)  work best for someone trying this for the first
time. I have used all  types of latex to make creature and the thiner latex in the
hardest  to use.  I also use cotton balls that I unroll . The picture on the right is
an unroll cotton ball. I use paper towel and the best I found so far is Viva. You
have to watch out and make sure the paper towel you pick doesn`t have any
prints on it or a design pressed into it. The last thing you need is a skull with a
flower design on it. The middle picture is my creatures wire frame.
     Paper Towels
     Cotton Balls
     Glass filled with soapy water
     Plastic container
This creature is going to be black so I`m going to mix some black paint and latex
in my plastic container. I just added and mix until I get a nice even color. Colored
latex drys darker so the gray in the picture on the right will dry black.
This creature will have wings that are boney. So the first thing I  will do is unroll
some cotton balls that I will wrap around the creatures wing bones.You can see
this in the picture on the left. I just wrap the cotton around the wire and when I
need to add another piece of cotton I just over lap the last piece a little. The only
thing you have to do is keep the same rotation with the wrapping. In the second
picture I want you to see that all ends of wire should be bent or looped away from
the end to prevent the wire from cutting you. The next picture shows that both
bones for the wings have been covered. And the last picture has the tail and legs
completely wrapped with cotton. The wrapping part is easy but the unrolling the
cotton is slow.