This is the type of wire I use. It
doesn`t have to be the same
brand.Its multi purpose
galvanized steel wire.Size I use
range from 22 gauge up to 16
gauge. It cuts with pliers and
the higher the gauge the easyier
it is to work with.It cost about
$3.99 per roll which is 1 lb.The
brand I find alot is Tuff Stuff
but Home Depot or your local
Hardware may sell other brands.
This Picture is Wall covering
adhesive.The brand is
Professional Pro-838.I use this
brand only because its on the self
all the time.A good thing about
this type is that its Mildew
reistant. I use this with strips of
news paper to make papier
mache. Before I start I rip a news
paper into strips.All different size
and rip don`t use anything to cut
it. The rip end blend in better
than cut edges.
This is my shed back in 2001.The round things hang from the pipe are my first elve heads.
They were small with just a nose. Also notice the tubing coming out of the heads. I use tubing
as the starting point. It goes from the top of the head just below the papier mache down out of
the bottom of the head like a neck bone.I connect the heads to the body by placing the tubing
over a peice of wire coming form the top of the body. This lets me interchange heads.If your
confused don`t worry I`m going to make a head and show you how I do it. . Once you get the
Idea its all yours. you can give me Ideas.
The tools I use nothing
fancy.Just borrow them from
you husband tool box. (Then
watch him go nut looking for
Here s examples of heads. I`m
showing you these guys to get you
think about shape.The head are all
made with plastic tubing as the base.
Heres more pictures of  frankie`s head. The papier Mache get hard then I used Monster Mud
to smooth over any seams.I also use the MM to build up the feature.
Heres plastic tubing  
1/4" thick.You buy
this stuff by the foot.
Home depot & local
hardware store carry
it. Buy 5 feet.