This is my buddie MAX .My brother gave me a robotic kit he picked up in his travels.The kit contain  400 pieces and once I built it I knew this could be
more than a toy. I was using him to watch over my apartment but now he stays in the basement.Hopifully I`ll upgrade him this year.He was hooked into
both the alarm & home automation systems.  He has sensors to detect light ,sound ,smoke,motion,temperature  and theft.I`ve also installed a video
camera in his head with a transmiter.Theres also a voices recognition board and a digital sound output board.On board batterys with charger.A water
cannon with its own tank. I used anything that wasn`t nailed down at the time.
He`s controlled by 2 basic stamp with 2 or 3 stamp stretchers,a few relay boards 5 or 6 motors and a ton of switches. I put many hours into building this
guy.But for the last few years he just hangs out in the basement collecting dust. I put alot of pictures up to give other people some ideas to build robots
                                          Good Luck

He stand about 5 feet talk and can turn at the waist from left to right.Both arms and hands
move. The hands open and close.The head moves left, right or center.His visor goes up and
down. Check the next few pages for better detailed pictures