This is what I did for my first Christmas in our house. This is what started me off on the whole
decorating thing. Putting up the Santa's Workshop took a lot of time. One day to bring out the
parts and one day to install it. Then I would take like a week to set up the shop. This year I'm
going to try something a little different with some talking and singing props.
Above is my Sam the Snowman from the TV show  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. He will
talk and sing. His head is made of latex and the body is a wire frame covered with fiberglass and
resin. Your looking at one coat and I plan on adding a lot more. I want this guy to last a few
years. He is a little over 5 feet tall with out his hat.
Here is the back view were you can really see the wire frame. The plan is to add fiber-glass and
resin on the inside too. On the right is the hat Sam wears.
This is the head of my talking & singing Snowmiser. I still have to build his body. You may have
seen him on the TV show The Year without a Santa Claus.
This is Heatmiser from the same movie. I need to make him a body also. The other picture is one
of the Christmas balls that I  have hang around my porch. There easy to make and look great at
Some elves that will be working on the decorating outside the house.
Another elf that needs some work. I'm planing on 5 elves working outside the house. More to