Making the Mizers
One of this years Christmas Displays will be singing Mizer Brothers fron the
movie The Year With Out A Santa Claus. Above is Heatmizer`s head. The head is
made of a wire frame mounted on a 1/2 pvc base. The skin is mask latex mixed
with acrylic paint thats been brush over a layer of paper towels. The paper towel
soaks up the latex and drys to a nice rubber skin.
This is the wire frame for Snowmizer.I haven`t completed the top of the head yet.
I drill a few holes thru the 1/2" pvc to connect the wire to it.
These heads are pretty big so the body should be about 5` feet. More stuff to store.
I already operated the mouth on Heatmizer and it worked fine. I may add a spring
to balance the weight a little.
I started to build out the cheeks and added eyes for heatmizer. On the left is
snowmizer with a little skin. Heatmizer`s is about 17" high & Snowmizer is about
The twins together.
More to come.