Below is some pictures of my Mosquitos. I was thinking of making some mosquitos and have them fly
around on a crank or an Axworthy set up.
I first shaped some blue foam into the bodys. I think they are around 7 inchs long each and have
wingspan of 20 inch.. I used hot glue ( not too hot) to added the heads. I also used a pieces of wire to
hold the head in place as it dryed.
Above shows the body with legs and wings. To make the legs I just used 3 pieces of wire.I used one piece
of  wire to make two legs by pushing the wire thru the body were I wanted the first leg.Once I had the
wire thru the body I would make sure I had equal lenghts on both sides.Then I just bend the wire down
and use a little hot glue to secure it.Next I  did the same to the other two sets of legs.Once I had all the
legs glued I brushed on black latex. (About 3 light coats).Next I used wire to make the wings.Its one big
piece of wire to make a loop and two piece of wire to add support and look cool.Then I covered the wings
with black latex also.
Next I installed a loop on the back to hang it from.(You can see the loop in the picture on the left) I also
added two antenias and a sucker to the head. And I covered the whole thing with black latex as in the
picture on the right. I may change the color later.
I may use some type of clear plastic to cover the wings and air brush them to make it cloudy or
yellow.I`m also think of making the eyes black and  shine like glass. I used 18 & 20 gauge wire to build
these guys.The thicker wire for the legs and main loop for the wings and small wire for the detail in the
More to come