The first thing I did was cut some 2" foam in the shape of my spiders body.After I got the shape I liked I used a
file to round off the edges. Then I made two holes thru the body were the legs will go. I then cut two lengths of
plastic tube to go into the holes.The tube will make the body stronger.(So the legs don`t rip thru the body when
somebody pulls it by the legs) I used glue to keep the tube in the body.
Next I cut 4 lengths of wire about 30" long. I put two wires in each hole so both ends meet at the back and front
of the spider. Once I have them the same lenghts I hot glued them in place. I put the tip of the glue gun in the
tube and pumped glue into the tube as far as I could get it. Once the glue dried the wires could be shaped.Notice
the glue drip out of the holes. I left any glue that dripped on the body .I`ll be covering the body with  latex so it
wouldn`t be see.
Here is  how I let the glue dry. I added some duct tape to give the body some muscle. I made 5 bodys with legs
so far. I`m only showing two different spiders on this page.
I then covered the legs with plastic tubing and hot glued them by pumping hot glue into the tube .I did the tubing
by the body first.After I put glue in all the legs on one side I let them dry. Then I did the other side. Once that
dried I pumped glue into the tips of the legs. Because the other side is glued  you will get a pocket of air that will
try to come out.
Becarefull because this is hot glue. After the legs dried I shaped them. I also added  pinchers
to the back of the spider with some wire and hot glue.
Here I added pinchers in the front too.The picture on the right is the legs after I wrapped them with cotton.I took
a bag of cotton balls and unrolled them into stripes then wrapped them around the legs.
I use latex from The Monster Makers as you can see in the
picture .The little bottle  changes the color of the latex to
black . The legs on the spider bend so If you paint them
with paint chances are the paint will crack after a few
bends. By changing the color of the latex you don`t have to
paint it later so you prevent the cracking and peeling.  
Monster Makers has a nice catalog full of cool stuff for
mask making. I`m sure theres other companys out there so
look around.
Here is some pictures of half the spider covered with one coat of latex. I  paint the latex on with a brush then I
place the brush in a cup of water between coats, The first coat takes the longest to dry. I put 3 or 4 coats on .
Here all the legs have been painted with latex. Next I painted the body with latex.After the first coat I added
cotton to the body and painted it with latex to give it some more detail. Before I add latex to the body I ran some
wire thru it to make a place to hang it from.
Some pictures of the finished product. Its an easy two feet wide and weights very little. You can go nuts making
 more detail like adding hair to the legs. You take a cheap 2" paint brush cut the brisles into 1/4 hairs. Add
another coat of latex and as it drys add the bristle as hair.
Another cool thing to do would be to  add two small leds to the  head. Also build up the joints in the legs with
latex and cotton. .
Here is a drawing with the actual sizes I used to make my first batch of spiders.The legs are 22,23, 22, and 24
inches long. The tubing covered the wire completely. I used about 20 feet of #16 galvanized wire and 15 feet of
tubing. A  4" x  8" piece of 2" foam.
This Spider is the 3rd one. The legs are holding the body off the ground. The gray
color on some of the legs are from the baby power I used to keep the legs from
touching. If the latex covering the legs touch they stick together. Once there
sealed or painted this stops. The tile under the spider are 15 1/2"  square each so
they are a nice size. I still haven`t planned on how I will detail them yet.Once I
have them all at this stage I`ll get some ideas. Only two more to go.
In the pictures above I`m building up the spiders body by adding cotton balls.
Once I have the cotton balls built up I put some unrolled cotton over laping to
form a nice smooth surface.
Heres a side view of the spiders back built up and smooth. Next I`ll added some
more black latex .