This is my attemp at making an owl for my Witch display.I wanted the owl to open and close its mouth ,
move it`s head back and forward. Maybe move the wings a little and some cool eyes that light up. On
the left you can see my rough drawing of Owlie. On the right is a picture of the pvc base .I`m using an
old pill bottle that fits over the pvc as the neck.( the pill bottle spins smoothly on the pvc pipe). I also
used a flat washer with 4 holes drilled in it to build the head on.
I used 18,19,& 20 gauge wire to build the frame for both the head and body.Above is three pictures of
the head. You can see the pill bottle and the wash that connects the head to the pill bottle.The lower jaw
is hinged so it will move once a motor is added. I`m using servo motors on both the head and mouth.The
mouth will operate by using Scarry Terrys Circuit and the head will randomly motor .I haven`t  figured
out how yet.
The first picture is just the head on the base.The next two pictures show the body frame and motor
added  to the head.
Next pictures show the skin added.I used latex and paper towel over the wire frame.
The first picture shows the wings covered with latex.I made a hinge with the wire so the wings move a
little. The last picture shows the body and head with some latex. I also started to build up the claws.
The head is really starting to come to life.The beak opens and closes nice. The wings move but I`m not
going to added a motor for them.After all this guy is just a back ground character for the witches.Steal
the show there you end up in the pot. But I will give him some glowing-led eyes.
Heres some pictures from head to toe.I still have to added the motor to the head and close the back up.I
also have to give him a few more coats of latex and figure out what colors to paint him.
I added two eyes made of hot glue with UV leds in them. This should make the owl stand out from
behind the witches in my display. I also closed up the back and build up the claws.I still have to added
the motor to the head and figure out what colors to paint him.
I worked on his eye a little  and added some color to his beak.more to come.