Heres some pictures of my latest project. A skeleton pop-up using a screen door closer as my pop. The
skull was something I pick up last year after Halloween for 3 dollars.The body is wire,cotton and latex.
I still have to add arms and paint him.
The picture on the left is my first pop-up.The right is another pop-up with bigger ribs. You can see the
cheap plastic skull. Add a little cotton,some latex and you get the skull on the left.
Here you can see the door closer mounted with some connecting rods.On the right somebody got a
cotton coat and is ready for latex.First I unroll the cotton balls then I wrap the pieces of cotton around
the wire. If I need to build up an area I wrap more cotton around it.
Some pictures of how I mounted the skull to a piece of 1/4``  threaded rod. I first cut a hole on the back
of the skull.Then I added a washer and nut to the rod. Next I push the rod thru the skull ( the skull
hade a hole on the bottom already) added a washer and double nuted it.I planned on adding treadloc but
I put to wrenchs on itand it seemed tight..Them I covered it with latex. More to come.