Above is one of my two handles for the pot. I made two skulls out of hot glue and
using plastic tubing and wire I formed the loops. You can make door knockers like
this. I could have used bigger tubing to make it look more life like but I did not
want to waste time getting it.Maybe next time.
Above you can see I hot glued them in place on my pot.I painted them black then
dry brushed them with some glow in the dark paint to make the features stand out.
You can see here that the loop tubing could have been bigger. I plan on building
up the fingers that will be using the loops.
By the looks of this guys face the pot may be a little bit to hot.I still have to paint
his face and body. The base is made of foam thats being covered with a hard
coating material that I forget the name of right now. I`ll post it later( its drying
now). The pot is a wire frame covered with tinfoil. Then coated with fiberglass so
its strong. I then covered that with cheese cloth and black paint to give it a nice
worn look. The legs at the bottom of the pot are 1" PVC pipe. I had to use 1" pvc
connectors because the door ways are  not bigger enough. So this is a two piece
pot. The poor soul holding it is a wire/cotton/latex creature. His eye are really cool
.There made of glow in the dark hot glue with uv leds in them. So when you cycle
the power to the leds they go from bright glow to faded glow. A really cool look
thats hard to show you.
The picture on the left show you the base hard coated and on the right I painted
the base and added the rocks. Also someone got a towel.
Here we have some pictures of the skulls, rocks and flames.The skulls are from a
mold of a clay skull I made last month. I use a two part foam to make the skull
then I painted on some latex. I  painted the skulls white as a base coat then I air
brushed on some black for shadows and some glow in the dark colors for the
black lights. The rocks were made from some foam I reused from last year. I cut
the foam to size then I used sand paper to smooth them out. I applied two coats
of grey paint and some black air brushed on for shadows.
Above I have two pictures of the base skulls viewed with some UV Leds pointed at
them. You can also see the flame in the back.
Heres the finished product I think. I may add some more to
the base when I set this up. Now I have a starting point for
the two witches and the tree with the old owl.
One last picture. Thanks for stopping by
You got to have something to stir the pot with. I used an old really cheap plastic  
baseball bat. The first thing I did was cut some of the handle off. I may cut it
shorter later. The bats was to fat so  I made a cut 3/4 down the length of the bat
and used some duct tape to thin it a little. This gave it a nice bend at the top.  On
the right you can see the turning crank. The motor is very slow and isn`t a cont.
run motor so I`ll be using a timer to cycle the crank.
Above you can see the crank painted with the bat after a few coats of brown latex
to give it some grain effect. On the right I put the crank in the pot. Once I make
the witch I`ll cut the bat down a little. When the crank operates the bat spins more
to the side the witch holding it is at.