The picture on the left is just the complete face of the pumpkin. you can see the wire at the top. The
picture on the right is the finished pumpkin. I made this just as a decoration no leds .I`ll just have a
low voltage lamp on it.
This is the back view as I added foam. The foam added some weight and made the pumpkin stronger. I
added a thin layer of foam to the inside first. This drys and will keep the form  of the pumpkin from
being deformed by the foam added later. I also put pieces of packing foam in to take up space.(Save$$$)
Heres a back view before I added the last of the foam.You can see the white paxcking foam on the left.
Once I put the foam in I covered the hole with paper towel and a weight to keep the foam from coming
out. After it dried I cover the paper towel with latex. Then I paint and it`s finished.