I needed some rats for my  witch display this year.I also  wanted them quick and cheap. I took some
scraps of blue foam that I save from other project and some leds I wasn`t using from my blicking eye
circuit. A little wire and some brown colored latex.  Next I know I`ve got rats all over the place.  Above
on the left is the rough blue foam rat shapes. I used a hack saw blade and a file to shape the foam.
I added ears,claws and the lower jaw by bending wire and sticking it in the foam.( lik Mr.PotatoHead)
Then I added the Leds to the face. You can see all this in the above picture on the right.t
Here is a close-up of a face. I centered the Leds running the wire to the back. I used hot glue to hold
everything in . When using hot glue with foam never let the gun sit there on .It gets to hot and melts
the foam. Plug it in wait till the glue starts flowing then use it quick. Then unplug it to let it cool down.
On the right you can see I added latex to the head. I added cotoon to build up the eyes and nose.Latex
drys darker so the light colored area is still wet. I brush  latex on the wire for the ears then I appled
cotton with more latex to smooth out the cotton on to the foam.It blend right in. I also didn`t sand the
foam smooth so I would  get some rough looking fur/skin once latex was appled.
Another close-up of a head.I applied latex around the Leds so the eye look cool. And a group picture
with teeth.The teeth will be a white/yellow color when finished.They don`t have legs and tails because
they will be behind things poping-up and moving around. They still need another coat of latex and a
paint job.
Everybody say cheese.
I cleaned up their teeth a little and painted them.I should have named them things in the shadows
because they will be used as back ground props for my new witch display this year. Their teeth also glow
in the dark.